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The Maison Piaget

The Maison Piaget

Piaget, a responsible brand

The pursuit of excellence in terms of expertise is in harmony with observance of the most rigorous ethical and environmental requirements. Piaget has been a committed member and participant of this community.


Piaget, the Geneva University Hospitals and the Fondation Privée des HUG join forces for the Altiplano project

raft altiplano piaget project

Since its establishment in 2011, Piaget has supported in partnership with the Hospitals of Geneva (HUG), the telemedicine project Raft Altiplano. This project aims to improve access to quality care in remote areas of the Altiplano desert in Bolivia in order to save lives. It helps to break the isolation of medical deserts by bringing telemedicine and distance training.

20 isolated centers were equipped with medical material, computers and high-speed internet line.

The datas of the exams provided locally such echographs, electrocardiograms or pictures are sent to La Paz and being analyzed by specialists. The patient is then being treated according to the diagnosis. On exceptional cases there is a possibility to request the diagnosis of specialists in Geneva. Teletraining sessions allow continuous training for doctors at distance.

This project has enabled Piaget employees to invest themselves voluntarily and go for mission locally to contribute to the success of the project.


This project has enabled Piaget employees to invest themselves voluntarily and go for mission locally to contribute to the success of the project.


Piaget Japan: A donation to the organisation BirdLife International

For several years, Piaget Japan has been participating in the gala dinners of the organisation BirdLife International.

The Bird Life International logo

BirdLife International (founded in the UK with Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado as Honorary President in Japan) works to protect the environment in 120 countries. The proceeds of gala dinner events organised by BirdLife in Japan go to the protection of the tropical rainforest.


Piaget Italia supports Il Fondo di Gio

Il Fondo di Gio logo

Piaget Italy has replaced the traditional dispatch of Christmas gifts to its clients, suppliers, journalists and other partners by a symbolic gift: a mug bearing the image of the association Il Fondo di Gio. The funds thus spared are donated to the association, supporting research on brain tumours in children.


Action Innocence Genève

Piaget has been supporting the association Action Innocence Geneva since its creation.

Philippe Léopold-Metzger, the Piaget CEO, shows his support for the

Piaget has supported Action Innocence since its creation over 10 years ago and it is with great pride that the CEO, Philippe Léopold-Metzger, lends his support to this cause. Since its creation in 1999, Action Innocence has fought to preserve the dignity and integrity of children on the Internet. The association actively participates in the fight against the trafficking of child pornography files on the Internet by participating in the development of police initiatives and efficient solutions for the detection of child pornography suppliers. The combat, first initiated by the founding president, Valerie Wertheimer and his colleagues in Switzerland, has since spread to Brussels, Monaco and France. The association promotes and raises funds at events and galas supported by many celebrities who are committed to this fight.


Association Le Bateau Genève

The association owning the steamship

Bateau Genève is a ship docked at the commercial port of Eaux-Vives. Often viewed by its passengers as an "island within the city," it is a harbour for people in difficulty. The organisation is managed by the Association pour le Bateau Genève, which distributes nearly two hundred breakfasts every morning, Monday through Friday. Weekly computer classes have also been on offer thanks to Piaget's donation of ten computers. The classes are full every week!


Our Employees

Jacky Piaget examines precious stones
A creator of Piaget luxury watches and luxury jewellery

Our employees’ well-being is a key part of Piaget and Groupe Richemont’s CSR policy. This means good working conditions on both our own premises and those of our commercial partners.

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