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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

49th Golden Horse Film Awards

A huge night of the Chinese filming industry, “The 49th Golden Horse Film Awards ceremony”, took place at the Luodong Cultural Working Housel, Yi-Lan, Taiwan, on the evening of the 24th of November, 2012. 
This grand annual event attracted the attendances of heavy weights in the movie industry in Asia. Spurring on the Golden Horse to win the upmost glory was the ultimate goal, but the attendees also viewed the red carpet as the catwalk to demonstrate their taste and style.
Piaget, long be viewed as the “best brand” to walk the red carpet with, again walked the red carpet with the stars and celebrities in this splendid night to double their lavish look.


Denise Ho, nominee of “Best Leading Actress” with “Life Without Principle”, presented herself in an eye-catching pink dress.  

She skillfully lighted up her look with a halo of lively and romantic aura with the Piaget Limelight jewelry ring in bird motif along with the Piaget Rose secret watch.

The combination set off a harmony in the contrast of bright color to luxurious glamour and modernity to delicacy, and further toned up her unique and daring style.

Denise Ho
Mavis Fan

Pop singer Mavis Fan, nominated as “Best Supporting Actress” with film “The Silent War”, paired her black collage long gown with several Piaget Possession rings and Limelight earrings and ring in black onyx to play with shades of black, and the Limelight New York necklace resting on her neck was like the brightest landmark in this very glittering night while the disc echoed to her root as a musician.


Ivy Chen, two-time “Best Supporting Actress” nominee, again gained her ticket to rein the Golden Horse with “Love”.
Her black dress with golden embroidery along with the Piaget Rose ring and Limelight earrings brought out her youthful grace on the red carpet.

She put on a beige chiffon dress in the awarding ceremony, the paired necklace and earring from the Limelight Garden collection clung on her skin like the morning dew and further granted her a dash of delicate femininity.

Ivy Chen wearing Piaget Rose ring

Director Cheng-Zer Niu was nominated for “Best Director” with film “Love”. The Piaget Altiplano watch on his wrist demonstrated not only his superior and gentlemanlike taste, the Perfectionism in fine watch making behind the watch also echoed to his self-assumed persona as “i-dotter” in being a film director.

Ivy Chen wearing Piaget Rose ring
Director Cheng-Zer Niu
Wen-Li Jiang
Tony Yang
Sonia Sui

Established actress Wen-Li Jiang was in the Golden Horse jury.  As a true believer in “Less is More”, she paired her one-shoulder neckline long gown with Limelight water drop earring.

Piaget also won the hearts of the award presenters.
Sonia Sui, way familiar with the art and tactics on the red carpet, adorned her turquoise one-shoulder dress with Limelight Garden Party Leaf earrings.  As the earring swung in tune with the movement of her body, the flashlight reflected from the Limelight watch on her wrist, her nymph-liked image stood out and made her the most beautiful scene of the night. Tony Yang, Former Golden Horse “Best New Actor Award” winner and Golden Bell Award “Best Leading Actor” nominee, was in a handsome black collage suit. The Piaget onyx cufflinks in white gold was the details that highlighted his total look.

Awarding Ceremony host and hostess Bo Huang and Bowie Tsang, as the key men to set the lively tone for the evening, also chose to walk the red carpet with Piaget. 

Bowie elegantly dressed herself in a black lacy and feather bareback long gown with Sapphire earrings and ring from the Limelight Collection to fit the solemn event.  As in the awarding ceremony, she gave a new look with purple asymmetrical oblique shoulder dress with Limelight necklace in corset motif. 

The winner of the 47th Golden Horse “Best Leading Actor Award”, Bo Huang, as the first-time host to the awarding ceremony.

Bowie Tsang and Bo Huang

The Protocole XXL diamond paved rose gold watch and the classic Piaget Polo diamond paved white gold watch became his best pals of the significant event.  The watches in a way responded to his established status in the movie industry, and pragmatically helped him to set the pace the night.

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