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Piaget Society

“Once Upon A Star” - a tale by Piaget

Celebrating the Holidays with a Piaget Tale of Gold and Diamonds

piaget christmas tale

Once again, this holiday, the radiance of Piaget collections brings pleasure and delight to loved ones. Cold winter nights are once again filled with the sparkle of diamonds and the warm luminous splendour of gold. Born under the brightest star, Piaget watch and jewellery creations make timeless gifts that capture all the emotion of the holidays and turn shared moments into the most unforgettable ones.

Twinkling stars to make the world yours

Evoking a world in constant motion where everything becomes possible, one turn of the iconic Possession ring in a simple gesture unleashes an abundance of positive energy around every woman. The gift of a Possession ring, bangle or pendant becomes a generous invitation to reveal a world of unlimited possibilities.

Starry Nights Filled with Sparkling Lights

Celebrating a life filled with radiant moments, flamboyant and colourful creations bring dazzling exuberance to a New Year’s Eve gathering or become treasures nestled under the tree. Exuberant, charismatic and always timeless, these pieces light up the night sky in a brilliant display of gold workmanship and sophisticated gem setting.

Gifts as Pure and Bright as the Whitest Snow

No gift is too beautiful or too bright unless it has fallen from the Piaget star.

A Tale of Time: The Star Power of Radiant Piaget Watches

This holiday, Piaget invites watch lovers to share its unconditional love of the world’s slimmest mechanisms and the other bright stars born of its watchmaking virtuosity.

11.14.16 Institutional Events
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