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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

Grand Film of Jewels

Movies are dreams brought to life on the silver screen. Just like precious jewellery passed down from generation to generation, movies possess within them, the phantasmic imaginations, glamorous hopes, and the most intimate thoughts of their creators, crafted and designed to take our breaths away.

This May, these two fabulous dreams are brought together in Cannes – when renowned Swiss luxury watchmaker and jeweller, Piaget, teamed up with famed Chinese actress, Li Bing Bing, to produce a Grand Film of Jewels.
As one of China’s most distinguished female actors of today, Li made her debut with famed director Feng Xiao-Gang in "A World without Thieves", which gained her immediate popular acclaim. She then went on to receive Best Leading Actress awards at the Hua Biao Awards, the Hundred Flowers Awards, and the Taiwan Golden Horse Award for such works as “The Knot”, and “The Message”. In all, it was her diverse talent and alluring public image which won her the applause of industry peers and fans alike. Hence, for this epic tale about romance, jewels, and movies, Piaget sought the talent of renowned photographer Cliff Chen, to be its storyteller and to capture the magical essence of both leading stars.

Alas, this mesmerizing tale unfolds with a multi-faceted Li showcasing the Piaget Limelight Collection with utmost elegance and enchantment, sea breeze blowing in her hair, and then switching emotions to being glamorously playful wearing the Limelight Funny Heart collection. Whether it’s on a luxurious yacht, or in the stairwell and corridors of the fabulous Hotel Martinez, framed against a backdrop of a deep blue sea, sandy beach or golden sunlight, together these meticulously crafted, exquisite jewels and their radiantly beautiful model weaved a spellbinding story about love, hopes and dreams.

Over the years, Piaget has continuously affirmed its love and commitment towards the magical world of films through collaborating with various international events and awards; from the American Independent Spirit Awards to the Hong Kong Film Awards to now the Cannes Film Festival, Piaget is proud to salute an industry that not only celebrates creativity and originality, but like itself is committed to showcasing works of art and beauty to the world.

Li Bing Bing wearing Piaget jewellery and watch
5.17.11 Celebrities
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