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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

Limelight Garden Party 2012

Swiss watchmaker and jeweller Piaget has conceived its new Limelight Garden Party collection as a country garden in springtime, sowing diamonds and precious stones here and there. Like garlands of light glimpsed at dawn, these jewellery sets sparkle and reflect the beauty of bountiful, eternal nature.

Surrounding the neck, two lines of brilliant-cut diamonds cross the branch of a tree and illuminate a necklace as glorious as a sunrise. Delicately placed mobile leaves smoothly mould the slender curves of a feminine décolleté. Composed of brilliant-cut and marquise-cut diamonds, this necklace displays the wealth of nature shining through precious aesthetic details such as a dainty leaf or a tiny vein.

Like a gently luminous revelation, the leaves adorn the ring with a precious halo. Various brilliant and marquise-cut diamonds reveal the grace of this exquisite jewellery creation. Thanks to the elegance of the plantlife detail and the subtle gem-setting, this ring becomes an incandescent and sensual work of art in its own right.

Meanwhile, the bracelet softly embracing the wrist features a blend of glamour and elegance. Various brilliant-cut and marquise-cut diamonds create a delightfully bucolic scene. Leaves blossom into two rows of moving diamonds providing a fleeting sense of the passing of time. Meanwhile, make way for spring!

An angelic symbol of timeless Piaget jewellery, this white gold diadem set with brilliant-cut diamonds crowns a new femininity, a fairytale dream of a childhood era. A half-circle of leaves is entirely surrounded by a halo of precious stones create an imperial allure. This jewel exudes an appealing aura of nobility and daring in which skill, grace and elegance are intricately intertwined.

6.13.12 Institutional Events
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