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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

Limelight Garden Party in Taiwan

5000 legendary Yves Piaget roses formed a splendid Limelight Garden Party

Under the gentle and soft limelight of the moon, the Yves Piaget Rose bloomed into the most flamboyant jewellery. Seemly freshly plucked from the garden of diamond, the centered diamond lay in the core of the Rose was embraced by the beam of light, and appeared in all its facetted glory. In the hands of the Piaget craftsmanship, the Yves Piaget Rose hence becomes a legend that shall never wither. Swiss fine watch and jewellery maker, Piaget, delicately built a luxurious garden for the launch of Limelight Garden Party high jewellery and watch collection at the Hua-Shan 1914 Creative Park on the 16th of November.

 The historic red-bricked factory which located at the center of the city was transformed into a dreamy and mysterious private garden, as a perfect setting for the launch of the collection, and further, echoed to the centennial essence of the brand.

Chun WU and Sonia Sui were presented as the special guests to light up the night and proved to be the most romantic pair in the garden. The retro and classic decoration of the site, along with a series of performances, brought the time back to the wonderful 80s that the Yves Piaget Rose was born.

A model show presented The Limelight Garden Party collection
Limelight Garden Party 2012

Piaget Limelight Garden Party collection is meant to be romantic. Deriving inspiration from Piaget’s eternal muse, the Yves Piaget Rose, the jewelers of Piaget cultivate a garden of rose with seeds of diamond and their notable green hands to create a luxurious and infinite new breed, the Piaget Rose. The curves of the diamond blossom seemly provoke a perfume of eternity, and the diamond necklace mimicking leaves accentuates the aromatic delicacy. In this gorgeous collection, briolette cut diamonds spark with its facets near and wide, and the jewellery watches with extraordinary creativity show the best combination of watches and jewellery.

5000 Yves Piaget Rose studded the dazzling night, the night only

The Piaget Limelight Garden Party is a series of high end jewellery creations. Inspired from the Yves Piaget Rose, the stunning details of the legendary blossom are transformed into various sparkling jewellery creations that are beautiful to the eyes and soul. Piaget selectively chose a historic monument that distributes cultural atmosphere, the Hua-Shan 1914 Creative Park, and generously built up a party hall that cost ten million dollars to grant the attendees an unforgettable and romantic night.

Year 2012 is the 30th anniversary of the Yves Piaget Rose, Piaget Taiwan made a special effort to transported 5000 Yves Piaget Rose by air from aboard. Due to the extremely fragile nature of the Rose, once it is unfrozen from low temperature, it would exert all its strength into full bloom and the florescence lasts for only a few hours.

Piaget Limelight Garden Party launch party aimed to create an opportunity to its honorable guests to actually experience the Romanticism of Piaget by indulging themselves in a setting surrounded by the Yves Piaget Roses in full blossom and the glamorous Piaget Rose collection that was exclusively bred by the talented goldsmith of Piaget. This event at all cost was just to bring the guests a glorious night to remember.

The Hua Shan Creative Park turned into a rosy and fantasy garden party

Chun WU and Sonia Sui, interpreted the Piaget extravaganza with elegance

At the Gala, special guests Chun WU and Sonia Sui appeared from the white gates with floral patterns staged among the Yves Piaget Roses. WU was in a black velvet suits that enhanced his aristocrat mien. Sonia dressed herself in a silver long gown to pair with her Limelight Garden Party jewellery. The Piaget Rose jewellery on her were set with diamonds and worth a value of nearly 50 million dollars. Wu presented an Yves Piaget Rose to Sonia to praise her grace like a gentleman. Their congenial interaction on stage made them the most beautiful couple in the garden, and expressed the genuine meaning of a rose, LOVE. Distinguished guests, celebrities, models and stars all gathered in this floral evening, and indulged themselves in the code of roses that the House of Piaget carefully served.

Chun Wu and Sonia Siu at the Piaget Limelight Garden Party in Taiwan
Sonia Sui at the Limelight Garden Party
The opening performance of the Limelight Garden Party
Models presented Piaget Limelight Garden Party collection
Piaget built a romantic and fantastic Yves Piaget Rose garden
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