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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

Piaget Mediterranean Garden collection

A High Jewellery collection inspired by the luminous beauty and luxury of the French Riviera.

The new Mediterranean Garden High Jewellery collection brings its own contemporary touch to the fascinating lifestyle of the French Riviera, with its elegant parties and passion for fashion. The astonishing creations in this collection, designed for the elegant woman of today, feature the characteristic refinement associated with the Mediterranean lifestyle of the Côte d'Azur and correspond to the natural style of the contemporary elegant woman.

Twisted threads of gold and marquise-cut diamonds: a stroll through the mysteries of the Mediterranean garden

The Piaget Mediterranean Garden collection transmits all the beauty of roses in bloom, of majestic palm trees and the subtle shimmering of the sea, in a style unique to Piaget, combining its supreme expertise in gold decoration with its experience in the setting of precious stones to create truly exceptional pieces of jewellery.

The High Jewellery collection is distinguished by two high jewellery techniques – working gold in twisted threads and the application of the marquise cut to gemstones – in which Piaget has unrivalled expertise.
As these techniques gained in popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, Piaget continued to develop them, employing increasingly complex methods to perfect its expertise in this domain.

Three outstanding sources of inspiration have contributed to the creation of a truly exceptional High Jewellery collection .

French Riviera Lifestyle Inspiration

The Paraiba tourmaline and blue sapphires elegantly recall the azure glistening of the sea on the horizon, and together recreate the décor of the free and easy lifestyle of the French Riviera.

Piaget luxury necklace, white gold, diamonds and sapphires
Piaget luxury ring, diamonds and sapphire
Piaget luxury brooch, Mediterranean Garden collection
Piaget luxury earrings, High Jewellery
Piaget luxury earrings, Mediterranean Garden collection
Piaget luxury necklace, necklace in white gold, diamonds and precious stones
Piaget luxury necklace, Mediterranean Garden
Piaget luxury earrings, white gold, diamonds and precious stones
Piaget earrings, luxury earrings

The cuff bracelet in twisted gold is created not from two gold threads but from a single thread entwined within itself.
To successfully create a spiral model from such a single slender thread requires of the jeweller a high degree of precision and patience.
This unique method of gem-setting gives the impression that the stones float lightly on the gently polished surface of the bracelet.

Piaget luxury bracelet in pink gold and precious stones
Piaget luxury bracelet in pink gold and diamonds

Grace Elegance Inspiration

Originally commissioned by King Louis XV to echo the seductive smile of his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour, the marquise cut is the story of a sensual adventure, rich in poetry and symbolism, which for Piaget is a perfect reflection of the image of femininity.
Its shape and multiple facets highlight inserts and colours more effectively than other types of cut, obliging Piaget's gemmologists to seek out diamonds with the most exceptional degrees of clarity and colour, a quest that often takes over six months to complete.
So as to comply with the rules of cutting, the cut needs to be perfectly symmetrical so that the beauty and contrasted brilliance of the stone shines out face on.
The marquise cut gives diamonds a particular sparkle all of its own. This technique has always been a tradition in Piaget High Jewellery, ever since Piaget first started to work as a master jeweller.

Piaget luxury earrings in white gold and diamonds
Piaget luxury earrings in white gold, diamonds and emeralds
Piaget luxury ring in white gold and diamonds
Piaget luxury ring in white gold, diamonds and rubies

Grace Rose Garden Inspiration

The Yves Piaget Rose, inspired by Yves Piaget's passion for the Queen of Flowers, is surrounded by creations with the most astonishing shapes, colours and textures. The finesse and artistry with which the gold is fashioned and braided, the precision with which the gems are set, give each jewel a special sense of depth and brilliance, as though found basking in sunlight in a secret garden or bathed in the soft moonlight of a summer evening spent beside the sea.

Piaget luxury ring in pink gold, diamonds and precious stones
Piaget luxury earrings
Piaget luxury ring, ring in white gold, diamonds and precious stones
Piaget luxury watch, pink gold and diamonds, closed watch
Piaget luxury watch, pink gold, diamonds and emeralds
Piaget luxury watch, pink gold and diamonds

The virtuosity of Piaget gem-setting is thus placed at the service of elegance and delicacy in exceptional timepieces

It is only after the selection of the finest gems that the virtuosity of Piaget gem-setting can begin to express itself, as each gem is placed with the greatest precision on the perimeter of the watch, forming a laurel wreath that resembles a powerful symbol of victory and glory for the woman who wears this jewel.
Originating from the shores of the Mediterranean, the laurel, with its broad, shiny leaves is here transformed into gold and diamonds. While the marquise cut reveals the vivid, glittering brilliance of the stone that radiates from its centre towards the two tips of the spindle, the crown of diamonds surrounding the dial shines so brightly that the case seems to disappear.
Its bevelled shape, unique in its kind, gives this type of diamond cut a very special movement that facilitates the juxtaposition of the stones with no apparent join, so as to form a generous circle, while preserving the watch's appearance of lightness, femininity and delicacy.

Piaget luxury watch, white gold and diamonds
Piaget luxury watch, white gold and diamonds

Inspired by the tree-lined, luxuriant gardens that dominate the Riviera, filled with palm-trees, laurels and roses, the Piaget Mediterranean Garden collection seduces thanks to the brilliance of its delicately-worked gold surfaces, its marquise-cut diamonds and the explosion of colour of its gemstones.

Our sales advisers are at your disposal to reply to your questions and direct you towards your nearest Piaget boutique, so that you can have the opportunity to discover this collection. Contact your dedicated sales adviser by e-mail or by telephone at +44 800 279 51 10.

Piaget's High Jewellery expertise

Luxury jewellery during the production process
Emerald placed on a luxury watch during the production process
Diamonds placed on a Piaget luxury watch
Piaget luxury necklace during the mounting process
Piaget luxury necklace during the assembly process
Precious stones placed on a piece of Piaget luxury jewellery
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