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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

9 men, 1 watch

Play a different game

Not every year, not even every decade, does a watch become an icon of its generation and an expression of the spirit of its time. In 1979, however, Piaget created just such a timepiece with the Piaget Polo.

Although recognized throughout the world, the Piaget Polo has always had a particular association with New York. It was here in 1985 that the Piaget polo team celebrated the watch by riding down Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue. Thus, there could be no greater city or place for Piaget to celebrate the legacy of the original Piaget Polo with the launch of a new watch, for a new generation.

The Game Changers of Piaget: Nine men, One Spirit

Ryan Reynolds wears the Piaget Polo S steel watch
Malcom Borwick wears the Piaget Polo S luxury watch
Joel Dicker wears the Piaget Polo S luxury watch
Hu Ge wears the Piaget Polo S steel watch
David Goffin wears the Piaget Polo S luxury watch
Mohammed Sultan Al Habtoor wears the Piaget Polo S steel watch
Michael B Jordan wears Piaget Polo S luxury watch
Miyavi wears the Piaget Polo S steel watch
Jean-François Piège wears Piaget Polo S steel watch

Piaget created the Piaget Polo S watch for a new generation: a generation of game changers. Like the Piaget Polo S, these men are ready to rewrite the rules. By choosing Piaget for a steel watch, they show with elegance and distinction that they play a different game.

Around the world, in recognition of their exceptional talent, Piaget has selected eight such men to wear the Piaget Polo S and to be a Friend of the Maison for their country. These men are not followers. They are driven by passion to make their dreams come true, and impact their world differently. Each a Game Changer in his own profession and an influencer with digital power, they have proved in life and through their careers that they truly embody the spirit and ethos of this unique watch.

Piaget Polo S : Play A Different Game. Starring Ryan Reynolds

Polo Experience

Five Watches, One Philosophy

The collection is composed of the self-winding Piaget Polo S watch, equipped with the 1110P movement, and the Piaget Polo S Chronograph watch, equipped with the 1160P movement. Both of these movements have been developed specially for the Piaget Polo S. The self-winding Piaget Polo S watch is available with a blue, silvered or slate-grey dial, while the Piaget Polo S Chronograph watch is available with a silvered or blue dial.

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