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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

Piaget the art of celebrating love

Piaget, the art of celebrating love moves Bianca Bai

The Swiss master watchmaker and jeweller Piaget first presented its wedding series on 18th April. Piaget, whose vocation is romance, imbued the scene with a happy pink atmosphere. The actress Bianca Bai was invited to attend as a VIP – it was the first time she had attended a bridal-themed event, and she wore a lustrous, elegant Limelight Secret Garden diamond solitaire engagement ring, in which Piaget’s classic characteristics and creative design can be seen. Simultaneously, she was moved by Piaget’s story of “the art of celebrating love,” and believes that happiness should be like art, its beauty unchanged, eternal. The everlasting art of love cannot but make the heart race.

Bianca Bai discusses happiness: it should pass the test of time

If love can be called an art, Bianca Bai attests that happiness should be like classic art: exquisitely worked and able to pass the test of time, as demonstrated by Piaget’s 140 years of history. It is only by joining together two great passions of craftsmanship and creativity that it can be called timeless.

Piaget Limelight Secret Garden jewellery

Bianca Bai attends Piaget’s first wedding ring exhibition, wearing a Limelight Secret Garden solitaire engagement ring

Bianca Bai claims that although she gives the impression of being a modern, fashionable woman, she is rather more traditional at heart. She believes that if two people come together in love, they should be able to stay together through thick and thin. As far as she is concerned, a wedding ring represents passion, and her heart raced when she saw how Piaget’s wedding rings, with their fine and elegant designs, celebrate the most special moment in life.

Wearing a Limelight Secret Garden solitaire engagement ring, inspired by a romantic flower garden, Bianca Bai was particularly touched by the way in which Piaget interprets romance, artistic yet subtle. She said that she does not care about the size of a stone, being more concerned by quality, and that the promise of love between two people should be symbolised by an engagement ring. For her, the blueprint for happiness must be complete and inspired. Bianca Bai prefers classic engagement rings, so exquisite that the passion evident in its design also a testament to the passion of shared sentiments.

Piaget-Bridal-Launch-Event-in-Taipe-Limelight Secret Garden
Piaget-Bridal-Launch-in-Taipei- Limelight Secret Garden

Eternal love: the Piaget wedding ring selection

For Piaget, each ring in its wedding selection is a sparkling promise of eternal love, expressing the ancient vow of “’til death do us part.” The diamond solitaire ring swears to be courageous and resolute; the tightly-coiled ring’s timeless form displays entrancing charm, making it the strongest tie with which to strengthen the bond of love.

The Limelight Secret Garden Series

Piaget’s beautiful gentle, solitaire engagement rings are inspired by the gentle and graceful fantasy of a romantic garden. The garden is a soulful, calm area to Piaget, which has inspired its elegant jewellery design, in particular the Piaget Rose collection. The appearance of the Limelight Secret Garden engagement ring selection brings to mind the delicate, smooth image of flower buds surrounding each other, and extending upward, level by level, like the bonds of love between lovers.

There are three cuts available for the centre stone: the pear cut, princess cut, and cushion cut. Each individually crafted ring is an ode to the exuberance of the most romantic love stories and the uniqueness of each couple.

Piaget bridal Collection Launch in Taiwan

Famous catwalk model Yi-Qiong Liao models the Limelight Secret Garden solitaire engagement ring and Possession wedding ring

The Piaget Passion selection

The Piaget Passion engagement ring selection is a line which has been further imbued with delicate femininity, presenting the silhouette of the stone by means of a setting which seems to be floating in the air. The resplendent centre stone is dazzlingly radiant, reflecting the joy lovers feel in joining hands and taking their first steps on a beautiful journey.
A ring with a beautiful stone is lifted by its scroll design and the lining of the centre stone represents the shared intimacy and attachment lovers feel so deeply. This sculpted ring is available in three sizes: 0.3, 0.5, and 1.0 carat models.

The Piaget Rose collection

In 2012, the Yves Piaget Rose collection turned 30. Piaget has crafted a solitaire engagement ring using rare, extremely strong platinum. The glimmer of a 0.3 to 0.5 ct stone nestles in the centre of the rose, adorning the flower.
When the flower, which possesses symbolic meaning, meets a timeless diamond, the two form a splendid alliance to incarnate love. The magic of love extends from the precious stones on both sides of the flower, like wind which makes one feel at ease, blowing across a whole series of delicate creations.

The Piaget Elegance selection

Like a hundred gems contending, the Piaget Elegance selection of solitaire engagement rings, the beautiful facets of the gemstones surround the centre stone with their pure radiant splendour, forming a line extending to the artistic, inlaid setting of the centre stone, complementing the single central white diamond and emphasizing a kind of love which is forged with time. This ring is available in a 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 and 1.0- ct models.                       

The wedding rings which follow solitaire engagement rings also feature two contending platinum rings: one is the Limelight wedding ring (G34LY600), whose elegant circle forms a classic round ring, and the other is the Limelight wedding ring (G34LY700), a light ring paved with a path of gemstones. They can be matched according to individual taste or liking

Piaget new Collection jewellery
Piaget Bridal Launch Collection in Taipei

Famous catwalk model Xin-Hui Qiu models the Piaget Elegance solitaire engagement ring and Limelight wedding ring 

Famous catwalk model Xin-Tian Wang models the Piaget Elegance solitaire engagement ring and Possession Rose wedding 

The Piaget Possession selection

Piaget’s trademark Possession selection is the finest witness to getting engaged and love. These elegant and original rings are the embodiment of Piaget’s spirit of innovation, expertise and attention to detail.


Bianca Bai and catwalk models Xin-Tian Wang, Yi-Qiong Liao, and Xin-Hui Qiu model the Piaget Wedding Ring Series

Piaget’s product lines are distinct, and the thoroughly modern Possession single-stone engagement ring series, charming yet classic, sturdy and compact, with geometry pattern of claw setting. The two sides of the eye-catching centre stone are paved with 7 bright round gems, which together form the lucky number “7,” which represents happiness.

This series is best suited to being matched with classic models, which are finer. The eternal rhythm sketched by these two overlapping rings lends them a unique playfulness.

The finest craftsmanship, a perfect proposal

Made with peerless craft and irreplaceable creative brilliance, every one of Piaget’s products is imbued with ingenious creative brilliance, and a spirit of breath-taking design and craftsmanship. Originally as a result of the pursuit of perfection, Piaget also selects and creates magnificent gemstones to serve as jewellery according to the strictest standards. Virtually all of the gemstones we use have been awarded the highest grade available by the Gemmological Institute of America, with regards to the 4 Cs.

Colour: Piaget selects only rare gemstones with perfect colour, which have been awarded grades between D-F.

Clarity (or purity): Piaget selects only gemstones which have been graded as being of the highest clarity, equivalent to being between internally flawless (IF) and having very, very small inclusions (VVS).

Cut: cutting is a vital link which ensures that light is able to enter the centre of the gemstone, allowing it to reflect the light beautifully. The cut quality of a gemstone can optimise its radiance.

Carat (or weight): Piaget provides a rich selection of gemstones, including different sizes ranging from 0.2 to 0.3 carats

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