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The Maison Piaget

The Maison Piaget

1943 - A brand emerges

An enterprising spirit, willingness to take risks and the desire never to rest on its laurels were indelibly inscribed on Piaget’s DNA, which is why in 1943 the company made a decision that was crucial to its future by registering the brand. From then on, the movement Manufacture from La Côte-aux-Fées produced watches signed by and sold under its own name, created with the same close attention to aesthetics and technical performance. This rebirth can be ascribed to Gérald and Valentin Piaget, the founder’s grandsons. They also started the brand’s geographic expansion and worked to increase its international recognition.

Piaget jewellery and luxury watch Manufacture
Piaget jewellery and luxury watch workshop
Piaget luxury watch advertisement
Piaget luxury pocket watch

Orders came pouring in and production was running at full capacity. Even though the workshops had been modernised, they could not keep pace with demand. That is why in 1945, Piaget built a new Manufacturing facility, which was soon to distinguish itself by novel developments in the area of ultra-thin movements

Piaget luxury sports watch advertisement
Piaget luxury watch in white gold
Gérald Piaget
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