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Pink gold wedding ring by Piaget Possession

As intense and as promising as a lifetime pledge of love, wedding rings of Piaget Possession collection, deliver a message as exquisite as the emotions that inspired their creation. The charms works as the ring turns. Choose your lovely one: In pink, yellow or white, you wear more than a ring, it is an object.

More information about pink gold wedding ring

Piaget has transformed itself into a jeweler of heart. Through its pink gold wedding rings, the jeweler celebrates a shared pact of love reflecting perfect harmony between two beings. The Possession wedding ring inspires a subtly addictive turning movement. As you play with this ring, it plays with you and it accompanies the person who wears it at every instant.

Piaget pink gold wedding ring: timeless elegance for him and for her

Contemporary, with pure lines, the third generation of Possession wedding ring is more androgynous and designed to be worn by men also. The diamond doesn’t stick out past the surface of the ring (it becomes part of the decor), creating a veritable fusion. Piaget offers more variety for him, with 3 or 5 rings.

Piaget’s craftsmanship: sparkling pink gold wedding ring

Piaget’s jewelry expertise is recognized all over the world: For its pink gold wedding rings, the number of turning rings may vary: 1, 3 or 5 rings. Diamonds of only the most superior quality are selected. They are then cut, and set by hand to offer you the perfect mirror of true love.

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