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Use our guide for a perfect fit


Would you like to give a ring as a gift, or simply know the size that fits you best? We invite you to meet a Piaget specialist in one of our boutiques for personalised guidance. If you prefer to simply measure your ring size at home, we suggest that you consult the Piaget Ring Sizing Guide presented in this section. Choosing the correct ring size is the ideal way to ensure greater comfort and security.

This is how to measure your ring size accurately:

  • Measure your finger in the evening,
  • do not measure your finger in extreme heat or cold,
  • keep in mind that your fingers are not exactly the same size on each hand,
  • make sure the ring can move comfortably along the entire length of your finger in your chosen size.

To measure your finger, use a tape measure in mm; this measurement corresponds to the size of the ring. We advise you to download and print our Piaget Ring Sizing Guide: download here. (please ensure that the scale is set to 100% when printing)

how to choose the size of a luxury ring


For optimum comfort and visual harmony when wearing your Piaget bracelet, it is important to carefully choose the size that best fits your wrist.

This is how to measure your wrist accurately:

  • Wrap a tape measure around the wrist on which you plan to wear your Piaget bracelet,
  • make a note of the number that meets the 0: this is your bracelet size,
  • use a length of ribbon or cord. Wrap it around your wrist and then measure the length with a ruler,
  • add 1.5 cm to ensure the bracelet fits comfortably. You can then add or subtract centimetres according to whether you prefer a loose, exact or tight fit.

We advise you to download and print our Piaget Bracelet Sizing Guide: download here. (please ensure that the scale is set to 100% when printing).

If you need any additional advice, Piaget specialists in our boutiques are at your disposal.

how to choose the size of a luxury bracelet