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We continuously work on our commitment to ethical behaviours throughout our supply chain, and we collaborate with industry organisations and our business partners to promote and implement the best possible practices across our business.


The Responsible Jewellery Council focuses on promoting responsible ethical, human rights, social and environmental practices throughout the gold and diamond supply chains, and has recently added precious colored stones to this. Together with the RJC, we believe that every company in the jewellery and watchmaking industry has a responsibility to behave ethically. They support companies in this by providing a transparent certification process with simple steps to get there, to help all companies in the industry to meet the rising ethical standards.

Piaget has been a member of this Council since 2005 and has been certified in its Code of Practises since 2011. We are actively involved in the RJC, as responsible sourcing is a key priority for us, and we aim to have all of our suppliers RJC certified.

Luxury jewellery brand supports sustainability


All of our suppliers are requested to sign the Group Supplier Code of Conduct. This includes 39 principles that cover General Requirements, Responsible Supply Chains, Labour Practices and Human Rights, Environment, Sustainable Product Development, and Application and Compliance.

We ask our suppliers to be more transparent about their own supply chains, and they are expected to encourage their own contractors and vendors to also follow these principles.

The responsible procurement of industry-specific raw material is a priority for us. We work closely with our suppliers and industry partners towards the traceability of all raw materials used in our products, our long-term goal.


As a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council Chain of Custody, Piaget has only been using the most ethically-sourced gold since March 2015. This is gold that is conflict-free and responsibly-produced and we have been auditing suppliers regularly to see they uphold our golden standards. Our goal is for 100% of our suppliers to be RJC CoC certified by 2022.

RJC CoC for gold jewellery and gold watches


Diamonds are at the heart of Piaget's luxury jewellery and watches. We ensure the quality of the diamonds we use by requesting that all our suppliers be RJC Code of Practices certified and respect the KPCS (Kimberley process Certification System agreement), imposing extensive requirements on its member to authenticate shipments of rough diamonds as conflict-free and legitimately traded. Each diamond is tested in order to ensure its naturality and authenticity.

diamond jewellery and diamond watch supply chain


As an active member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, we contributed to the integration of the colored gemstones to the scope of the multi-stakeholder initiative, acted in the 2019 CoP review.


Keeping up with international and local legislation, we help protect biodiversity and animal welfare around the world. We make sure our suppliers comply by international and domestic laws, e.g. the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (‘CITES’).

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